While I generally am not a huge fan of "selfies," I did snap this one with Montgomery-Gentry at the CMA Music Fest in Nashville in 2015. It's the last and best photo I've ever had taken with them, and now that Troy Gentry has passed away, it makes it extra special to me.  I've been to the CMA Music Festival many times with my good friend Shari, and a handful of other friends.  I highly recommend you go sometime, if you've never been to it--if nothing else, just for the Fan Club parties. You can't put a price on those memories. I know I'll treasure mine of this day with those guys.

Nashville alone is such a great place to visit--but when you can be there when practically every country artist is in town and you have a shot to see them perform live--it's completely worth it!  We've already reserved our tickets and hotel again for next year!

Visiting Nashville always renews my love of music.  I left radio at the end of August in 2014, after having 20 years in the business.  I was feeling burned out, and my husband had just undergone surgery for colorectal cancer.  While he is now cancer-free, it's strange just how cancer forces one to change their focus in life.  At any rate, I never intended to get back into radio, but here I am--gainfully employed at KQ98, doing mornings with Phil.  I have to admit--I'm actually glad to be back on the airwaves.

I haven't been IN the air much lately, but I do have my pilots license, which I obtained in the late 90s.  I really need to get current with that again, as it is even MORE freeing to fly an airplane, than it is to drive a motorcycle!  Plus, it helps keep life in perspective and gives me huge surge of "anything's possible" when I'm flying a plane! 

The only "flying" I'll likely be doing in the near future will be with a drone, for my GoPro cameras, which I use mostly at race tracks and occasionally with our dogs.  My husband, Toby is a race car fabricator and crew chief for Ty Majeski, who is the 2014, 2015, and 2016 ARCA Midwest Tour Champion.  Ty has been signed as a development driver for Roush-Fenway racing and has moved south to the Charlotte area, but still plans to run some races around the Midwest, which Toby will continue to prepare cars for him to pilot.

Maybe I'll see you out at the race track, or an upcoming country show--and we can have a cocktail together!