Now that we’re down to the final 12 contestants on The Voice, I feel compelled to rant and rave about their performances. Two will be eliminated, based upon these performances. In the order that they took to the stage, here’s my take on them—feel free to chime in with your own thoughts.

Hannah Kirby“Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks Wow! She is really finding her stride; such a powerhouse vocalist. She gets a little wild-eyed sometimes when she’s singing, giving the impression that if you were her boyfriend, and you ticked her off, you might want to sleep with one eye open. Nonetheless, she was amazing, and I would anticipate she makes it through to the next round, despite getting the first position of the night, which can be a kiss of death for some.

Brian Johnson“If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” by Sting. He’s a pretty solid vocalist, but he seemed to blend in too much with the background singers. Not a very memorable performance, but I like this guy’s voice and the fact that he’s chubby.

India Carney“Take Me to Church” by Hozier. It seems like mostly guys cover this tune, so it was a nice change-up to have a female do it. I thought she hammered it out of the park too. Incredibly strong vocal performance—and memorable, which is what is required if one is to make the cut to the next round.

Mia Z“Miss You,” by the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards was rolling over in his grave… oh wait, he’s not dead yet. Well, if he WAS dead, he would be rolling over in his grave, due to the dolphin calling that she was trying to pass off as singing, while vamping about on the stage, as if she was trying to distract everyone from her horrible attempt at singing. Truly horrible.

Deanna Johnson“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United. Like what many of the coaches said—she was really rough at the beginning, as she was trying to sing WAY too low for her abilities. It improved as she got deeper into the song. There is a certain sound to her voice that is intoxicating.

Sawyer Fredericks“Imagine” by John Lennon. Let me preface this by saying—I love this kid’s voice and talent. I just wish he’d quit lamenting the fact that he doesn’t want to go back to the farm, like it’s a bad thing. Heck, I know LOTS of farmers, who wear their career as a badge of honor—and rightfully so; it’s a rewarding job—even if it doesn’t pay extraordinarily well. (And for the record, 88 acres is really nothing… my husband about spewed his drink across the room at that comment). But onto the performance—it was fantastic. It boggles the mind to hear it come out of his elf-like face. Occasionally, he sounds like he’s a sheep bleating, but overall—he’s very talented.

Rob Taylor“I Put a Spell on You,” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. This guy blew me away with his falsetto. This was DEFINITELY in his wheelhouse. He brought the song, which was originally done in 1956 into the modern day with his treatment on it. AMAZING!

Corey Kent White“Why,” by Jason Aldean. Early on in the competition, I was not totally convinced by this guy. I’m starting to become a believer. He’s a very genuine performer. It was a solid rendition. He definitely will have the female vote in his favor.

Koryn Hawthorne“Stronger,” by Kelly Clarkson. I love the fact that this girl has vision for her own performance and the arrangement of the music. The break in her voice gives me chills every time, and there’s a real gospel vibe to what she does. Plus, she has phenomenal energy, and ALWAYS looks like she’s having fun on stage, which is more than can be said for some of the earlier performances tonight.

Joshua Davis“America,” by Simon & Garfunkel. He has a really great tone to his voice. I loved him from his blind audition on this show. While his performance was really good, I worry that the younger audience on this show will feel disconnected from the song. I’m hopeful that were able to connect with his passionate performance.

Meghan Linsey“Girl Crush,” by Little Big Town. I love this song—and it was a PERFECT choice for her to sing. Plus, it was a brilliant move to perform what is probably the hottest song right now in country music. I cried. I admit it. When Meghan sings, you can feel the heartache. She is absolutely amazing. I’ve written about her before, so it’s no secret that she is my frontrunner to win. I have a girl crush on her.

Kimberly Nichole“The House of the Rising Sun,” by The Animals. It was a vocal explosion—in a very good way. This is another song that has been covered extensively, but she was able to put her own spin on it, with her amazing vocal range. She was fierce on stage too, which helped to accentuate her performance. I have no doubt she will sail onto the next round.

So, who will be packing their bags to go home? I’m thinking it will be Mia Z, and probably Brian Johnson. Mia was pretty bad… Brian was just unmemorable, unfortunately. What do you think?