I’ve got two kids.  My son Anthony is 6 and my daughter Erica is 9.  At mealtime, they’re pretty good at cutting up their own food.  But, every now and then, Chrissy and I will help them.  Leaning over the table, trying to saw the food quickly using our fork so we can hurry up and eat our own food while it is lukewarm.  Or, I quickly cut up their food before serving using my top secret kitchen utensil.  Okay, maybe it’s not that secret.  Just about everyone has one.. but you only use it for one thing: slicing pizza!  Unleash the hidden power of your pizza cutter and use it to quickly cut your kid’s food into bite-size pieces!  

I first used it to cut up some waffles for Anthony one morning.  Wow, that was SUPER easy!  It quickly became an obsession of mine.  What else can I cook so that I can use my new secret kitchen weapon?  Pancakes?  *SLICE*  Quesadillas?  *SLICE*  Spaghetti?  *ROLL ROLL ROLL*  Chicken off the grill?  *SLICE*  Awww yeah!  

I heart you pizza cutter.  Let’s keep it our secret, okay?  wink