Guys… stop cleaning the house!

I found a stat online the other day that said 2/3 of married women houseclean even after their husband has already done so!  As a guy who prides himself in doing a pretty good job cleaning the house, I say.. WHAT?!?!

So, gentlemen.. join me in a boycott of cleaning house!  If the ladies are going to do it anyway, why should we bother?  Let us no longer waste our time and go back to doing “whatever us guys do”!

OR, do I take this opportunity to use this information and send the following message to the ladies in our lives:   We got this!  If we clean the house, it’s fine!  Don’t miss out on your much needed “me time” because of something apparently wasn’t done right during some “he time”.    

What I really wanna know are these two things:

#1 – Is my wife Chrissy in that 2/3?  Does she clean house after I’ve already cleaned?  

#2 – To the rest of the ladies; is this statistic correct?