Men and women definitely process thoughts differently.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, I’ll need to lay some groundwork.

I’ll admit that I’m a lucky woman—because my husband, Toby actually does his own laundry.  Not just because his clothes are generally full of all kinds of grease, fluids, and other things such as metal fragments from something he was fabricating—but because he knows that it’s a nice thing to do, so I don’t have to deal with the messes he makes with his clothes.

The challenge for me, is that he’s notorious for using the dryer as his clothing storage place, rather than folding them and putting them away in his dresser.  There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to transfer your freshly washed clothes into the dryer and finding it’s still full of another load of laundry that’s been sitting in there for days.

My husband always acts innocent when I call him on it. 

“Really?  How did that happen?!  Are you sure they’re mine?”

I think he does it because he knows that I fold clothes better than he does—and to my discredit, I’ve made a point to let him know that I don’t like the way he rolls his stuff into a ball and throws it into the dresser.  So, I guess I created that monster.

Phil Costigan holds a similar view as my husband.  Phil thinks that there is no real need for dressers or cupboards.  In his mind, it makes perfect sense for people to leave their clothes in the dryer and pull them out as they need them, and likewise, pull clean dishes out of the dishwasher to use, until it’s empty and then just reload it with the dirty ones and start the process all over again.

Phil’s theory is flawed though.  Most people have more than just one load-worth of clothes that are worn over the course of a week.  I would NEVER co-mingle my clothes in the laundry with Toby’s.  They’d all come out smelling like race car fluids, and if you’ve ever had a whiff of rear-end grease, you KNOW that is flat out nasty. 

The dishwasher, while Phil’s idea makes SOME sense, is still not feasible.  It leads to a sink full of dirty dishes, until all of the clean ones are used from the dishwasher.  I hate seeing a sink full of dirty dishes.  I’d rather keep my sink clear for use doing other things.

Am I being ridiculous on this, or are these guys just being lazy?  What are your thoughts?