How many times have we heard Blake Shelton or Miranda Lambert deny the rumors that they were considering divorce? Too many, really. But now, it would seem the rumors have become factual. The pair announced yesterday that they were splitting.

Are you really surprised?

They’re both superstars with careers ON FIRE, trying to attempt to have a normal life together. Honestly, that’s a recipe for disaster. Balance is key in any marriage—and I’m going to go out on a limb and say there was ZERO balance for these two.

How do you connect on an intimate level when you’re both touring or working promotional schedules? I’m not saying it’s all about the sex, but it’s all about the sex. When you’re young and married—that’s a big deal. Or when you’re a man—that’s a big deal.

I’m not saying there was a third party (or fourth party) involved with the split—and I truly hope there was NOT.

Theirs was seemingly a long-distance relationship in the hot spotlight of the public eye. How awful would that be to live? I don’t know about you, but my husband and I spend some time venting to one another about crap that happened during the day. It’s these moments that allow us to bond even more—and be supportive of one another. That surely was lacking for Blake and Miranda’s marriage.

An article from 2012 in People magazine was quite telling of the one-sided nature of their relationship. Here’s a quote from Blake in the article:
“She literally has flown across the country to be with me for one night and will get up and go home the next morning… where I just won’t do it and say, ‘Oh, I’ll see you next week!’ I’m just a guy about it, I guess. She’s always been the one to go through hell to make sure we spend time together.
She’s kept us strong, especially in the early days when it was easy to give up and say ‘This is too hard.’ She’s the one that’s always found a way.”

I’ll just say I’m glad that my marriage isn’t riddled with such obstacles for together-time, or drama of being a big star. It’s one of those times when you sort of look at what you have and appreciate the simple things that keep it real.