If you’re planning on eloping and getting hitched in Las Vegas, it’s going to cost you a little more now.  The price of a wedding license in Sin City is rising by $14 to $77.  (It still cracks me up that you need a license to get married, but any moron can have kids… but I digress.)  The vote to increase the price was unanimous by the county commissioners, who intend to earmark the additional funds for promoting Vegas as a wedding destination.

Apparently, the folks in Vegas are concerned that there’s been a significant drop in people getting married there.  I know my husband and I considered tying the knot there, but decided against it, due to our desire to have as many family members present at our nuptials.  A destination wedding just wasn’t conducive for being inclusive with both of our large families.

Vegas sometimes carries the connotation of bad decisions, which I think also enters some people’s minds upon hearing that someone got married there.  I mean, Carrie Underwood’s song, “Last Name,” spells that whole deal out quite clearly.  Perhaps that’s part of the reason for the decline?   

I wouldn’t mind renewing our vows down the road there… mostly because Vegas IS a lot of fun.  I mean, “Elvis” could perform the ceremony!  And of course, there’s the chance to win money at every turn!  Would you get married in Vegas?  Do you know anyone who did?  Are they still married?