Who knew Shania Twain’s butt would unleash such a firestorm?  I posted pictures yesterday from her concert in Minneapolis—including one of my signature snaps—the “Buttshot.”  It happened to be one of her in the final costume of the night—that was a little “cheeky.”

In all seriousness, I ask you—what is the difference between what Shania wore last night and say the swimsuit featured in the photo next to my picture of the pop-country star?  One is acceptable garb at the beach and the other—well, it’s drawing the ire of many.

The Shania shot was apparently a very polarizing photograph—evoking a whole gamut of emotions.  Some were offended by this display of flesh; some thought it was impressive, and others likely sat alone in a dark room and took matters into their own hands.  

I’m not here to judge.  I posted the picture for several reasons.  First and foremost, I tend to focus my camera lens on male backsides, for obvious selfish reasons.  I was trying to be equal and fair to everyone who has ever gazed at my buttshot collection.  

I’ve had a handful of guys give me some grief, sniping about how “if a man posted a picture of a woman’s backside—all hell would break loose.”  Maybe.  Maybe not.  

Being politically correct has never been my strong suit.  I find it difficult to refrain from posting such juvenile photos.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.
We all need to quit trying to find offense in everything.  My mom always used to tell us kids to “be the duck” and let things that bother you “roll off like water on a duck’s back.”  If people in this world had a little thicker skin, I think we’d all be better off.

Conversely, it’s nice to notice that Shania’s skin on her rump is not at all thick, and still looking mighty firm.  Not bad for a soon-to-be-50-year-old.
And that was the other reason that I posted the picture.  Shania will be a half century old this coming August 28th.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve rarely seen an older tush of ANY celebrity look that amazing.  That’s because most celebrities would never have the confidence or the audacity to expose a little cheek.  I think it’s worth celebrating!

 So CHEERS to your favorite ass today!  (I’m married to mine.)