It’s obvious that men are the driving force behind pharmaceutical companies.  First, it was Viagra and other drugs created to help men get and maintain erections.  Now, it’s Addyi—a drug intended to improve a woman’s sex drive.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love sex; probably more than most men, so the whole topic of sex-enhancing drugs is a moot point to a gal like me, but that’s neither here nor there.  

If men REALLY want to turn women on and get them aroused for sexcapades, the answer is glaringly simple—and it doesn’t even involve popping a pill, or rubbing a cream on anything… although a rubdown/backrub will take you miles in the boudoir, gentlemen.  (That is a backrub for HER… not you.)

Yes, if a man truly wants to turn a woman on and get her motor revving, all he needs to do is fire up the vacuum cleaner, or cook a meal AND clean up the kitchen afterwards.  Seriously.  Take some of the load off of your woman, as in a load of laundry that you wash, dry, fold and put away all by yourself.  

If you can lessen the amount of work a woman has to do on any given evening, after you BOTH have worked all day, and took care of the kids—you will be making her quiver with lust for you!  

Don’t believe me?  Share these photos with your wife.  Listen intently to her reaction to them.  Then pick up a broom or dishcloth and get going.  I guarantee your love life will improve dramatically!