I’m not one of those chubby gals who hates on skinny women.

I just hate when skinny women profess they “just can’t eat another bite” in front of the group they are dining with, but when no one is looking, they devour anything in sight.

True story. Recently, I was with a bunch of people and we were all noshing on the delightful dishes everyone brought. One of the rail thin woman was picking at all of the food, but being careful not to actually put much on her plate.

“I’m just not that hungry these days.”

Yeah, me either. Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve rarely passed up a piece of cheese bread, or a delicious pasta salad.

It wouldn’t bother me so much, if this gal was just honest about it. Professing in front of the crowd that you’re “not that hungry these days,” and then I see you shoveling food into your mouth when you think no one is looking is a bit amusing to me.

It’s OK to eat. You’re among friends. Isn’t the rule that if you eat in the company of three or more friends, calories don’t count? It is in my world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to eat a meal on the run over the kitchen sink, (another feat that negates calories, according to my sources) but to profess you’re just not hungry and then I see you snarfing food as quickly as possible when you think no one is looking? That’s just weird.

But I think I finally figured out what was going on with her. She had a date with her, and I’m guessing she was trying to not eat in front of him. Girls these days!

Believe it or not, guys don’t mind seeing that you eat. If they are ever going to take you out to dine on a date, they’d likely want to know that they aren’t wasting their money on the occasion. There’s nothing worse than paying a hefty price for a plate of food at a restaurant only to watch the server clear most of it away at the end of the meal, uneaten.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to eat in front of a prospective boyfriend. If you are going to be that insecure around him, perhaps this isn’t the relationship for you.

Men go through a similar thing in the dating process, only it’s the back end of eating. Literally. I remember when my husband would get up and “check on something” when we were dating. I learned later that it was code for he had to fart.

Long gone are the days of fresh air in our relationship. Toby doesn’t hold back any more. I guess I do miss some things about the early days of dating.