I have long wanted to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee.  This year, I was finally able to attend.  It didn’t disappoint one bit either!

It was my good friend, Linda’s birthday so it was a fitting day to celebrate among the creative souls who participate in the event each year, and enjoy some excellent delicacies and drink.

And there were some fantastic food and beverages on hand for indulging in during the day.  I’m grateful that I didn’t know the calorie-count for what I ingested.  We walked a lot though, so hopefully that offset some of it.

Needless to say, shopping is amazing with all of the artisans in their store fronts.  There are some incredibly talented artists who sell their wares there.  If you’ve never been to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, you will be delighted at the buildings that have been constructed to house the stores and food vendors, as well as the stages.  They really add a lot of character to the event.

Speaking of stages, probably the most enjoyable performance for me was the legendary comedy duo, “Puke & Snot.”  Admittedly, the original “Snot” had passed away several years ago, but his replacement seems to have melded into the act seamlessly.  They really were truly enjoyable and guffaw-inducing.

I was worried that we would stick out like sore thumbs, as we didn’t dress in costumes, as so many do.  Honestly, even if I did have appropriate period clothing, I’m not sure I would’ve sported it for the day.  I was much more comfortable in my tennis shoes and jeans.

But there were indeed plenty of costumes.  Some weren’t even period clothing for the medieval era, which was a head scratcher for me.  I spotted several people wearing costumes that could have passed for sport-team mascots.  I’ll admit I was quite confused by them, but I suppose if people have enough to drink—who gives a rip, right?  

But it was weird.  In the parking lot, I saw a guy in jeans and a T-shirt, walking with a woman, who was wearing a tank top and shorts… and a big, fuzzy, pink cat head.  I asked Linda how that fit into the Renaissance time.  She was unsure too, so we just shrugged it off and kept walking.  

Only I spotted more and more of these furry animal costumed folks.  I started to flash back to an old CSI episode, in which the team was investigating a crime that involved the kinky role playing where folks rub up against each other like animals, wearing these oversized mascot-like costumes.  Ewwww!
Needless to say, we steered clear of these fuzzy folks the rest of the day.  

But there certainly were a lot of other fantastic costumes to see.  There was plenty of leather accented attire, which I’m a big fan of, and lots of “cups-running-over,” when it came to women’s busty costumes.  Saucy wenches were definitely ever-present.  Some were even making good use of lack of pockets, by using their cleavage, as the photo to the right shows.  I have to admit, I have been known to use my own cleavage as a drink cup holder once or twice as well in my life.

It was another one of those moments, like at a country music festival where those who should don’t, and those who shouldn’t do.  If that statement confuses you, let me clarify.  Linda spotted a woman who had very veiny boobs.  She referred to them as, “Blue Boobs” they were that bad.  I missed it, but I wasn’t going to turn around to go get a gander, but bless her heart for having the confidence to jump in and have fun at the festival!

The event is certainly full of some bawdy fun, and you never know what you’ll see there… like “the Pope” chattin’ up a wench at one of the the wine serving booths.  No word on how that all turned out, but he sure made the maiden slinging drinks smile!

Linda and I have already made plans to return again next year to the festival.  Maybe we’ll put together our own saucy costumes… or not.  The real benefit of such get ups at our age is the additional support of the bosom, but somehow, I have a feeling we’ll just leave those roles to the others.  I prefer to people watch—and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is ripe for just that!