Someone in Ohio recently found a two-week-old puppy who was born without his two front legs.  Apparently his mother had abandoned him.  An animal shelter took him in, and the workers decided to name him “Tumbles”.  And other than the birth defect, they say he’s in good health.  He was only getting around by scooting across the floor on his stomach.  That is, until researchers at Ohio University used their 3-D printer last week, to make a tiny WHEELCHAIR.  It fits around his chest, and he uses his back legs to walk.  Photos of him are going around Facebook now.  He’ll grow out of it eventually, and will need a new one.  And according to the shelter, it’ll be a while before someone can take him home.  But apparently people are already lining up to adopt him. 

Check out the video of him getting around before this wheelchair, and yes I cried.



Tiny Mr. Tumbles is ready for his close up!!! This was taken November 10, 2015, right before his first wheelchair fitting.

Posted by Crystal Richmond on Thursday, November 12, 2015