We had my husband’s grandchildren at the house over the Christmas weekend.  Well, technically, they’re my grandchildren too, through marriage, so we’ll go with “our” grandchildren.  Anyway, Trinity is the precocious one, who likes to do things for others… on her own. 

This is not surprising, as she and her older sister have been doing their own laundry since they were six or so, and they have a big hand in the chores around their farm; feeding animals, and cleaning the poo out of stalls.  Work is not a four-letter word to them, by any means.

I had been told that Trinity, while only 8, enjoys cooking and has some experience doing that already, so when she asked to make us breakfast in bed, I was hesitant, but open to give her the ability to grow her confidence.  So, I just bit my lip and nervously listened to her clatter around out in the kitchen.  

She came rushing into the bedroom and whispered… well, it’s a Trinity whisper, so I could actually hear it quite clearly on the other side of the bed… 

She “whispered” into my husband’s ear, “Do you have to remove the lids before you turn it on?”

As I took a moment to ponder, what the “lids” were that she was referring to; my husband leapt out of the bed, as apparently his brain was functioning much better than mine was.

I finally realized what she was talking about and joined them out in the kitchen to find this:

Yes, Trinity.  You DO have to remove the “lids” before you turn the stove on to cook.  LOL!

In the end, the damage was only minimal, and the breakfast was actually quite good, once you got past the smell of burning metal that hung in the air.  

Honestly, it could’ve been MUCH worse, so there was no sense in getting angry about it.  The fact that Trinity took action and got us involved before it became worse, helped to avoid a huge disaster.  

We’ll just remember this story and file it away to tell on her wedding day to her future husband!