I’m thrilled that more and more celebrities are wanting to be affiliated with country music.  I think it bodes well for our genre.  The music is after all, probably more relatable than any other form of music, due to the storytelling nature of it. 

What I am repulsed by is the caricature that some of these celebrities feel the need to dress like; I’m assuming in an attempt to “fit into” the culture.  Honestly, they need to quit trying so hard.  Just be you.  No one else can do you.  Quit listening to your harebrained stylist, who thinks it would be “edgy” to dress like this.  You look like a clown, and it smacks of making fun of country music, in my opinion.

Case in point–both football great, Von Miller and pop icon, Katy Perry both donned some interesting outfits for the ACM Awards last night.  

Von’s duds weren’t that bad.  Yes, it was not a “normal” look for him, but the jacket was kind of cool.  However, someone should have told him to NOT tuck his pant legs into his cowboy boots.  He looked ridiculous.

Katy looked like a cheap, plastic hooker.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.  I think even Dolly didn’t know what to think of the getup Katy was wearing.  Someone needs to alert stylists who outfit their clients who are crossing into the country world, that we actually can be edgy, and look stylish, not like heinous caricatures.