I’ll admit it.  I’m a fan of the reality TV talent show, “The Voice.”  Part of the allure for me is the whole blind audition thing, as it takes looks out of the equation, and gives true talent a chance to shine in this superficial world we live in.  Don’t get me wrong; there are still some “lookers” as contestants, as coach Pharrell pointed out last night, with one of Blake Shelton’s team members, Mary Sarah, who is quite the country crooner.  

Mary Sarah did a great rendition of Heidi Newfield’s “Johnny & June,” which by the way I found cute that Blake was the only coach who had ever heard the song, when they all give him grief for the occasional pop song that he’s not familiar with some nights.  At any rate, when Pharrell gave his feedback on Mary Sarah’s song, he said that he meant this in a very favorable way, but he found her dress pleasantly “distracting.”

One can only imagine that if Mary Sarah’s dress was distracting to Pharrell, then he surely was feeling downright ADHD with Christina Aguilera’s massive boobs hanging out next to him.

Boobs and distraction aside, there were some fantastic performances last night, and I can’t even begin to guess who will be eliminated tonight.  What I do know is that Thomas Rhett will be performing his hit, “T-Shirt” on the show tonight, and that is something of a distraction that I welcome!