What a bizarre turn of events with Debbie Reynolds passing one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher.  They were an incredibly close mother-daughter pair.  What’s even more bizarre is all of the backlash that comedian/actor/musician Steve Martin has been subjected to for a seemingly heartfelt tweet he put out on Twitter after Carrie Fisher’s death.

Apparently, New York Magazine didn’t feel the same way and writer Claire Landsbaum took Martin to task for “sexualizing” Fisher, who spoke out against that for much of her career.  While I can see a VERY narrow margin of validity to this stream of thought, overall I don’t get it.  Do you?  Are you offended by what Steve Martin wrote in his tweet?

Maybe I’m just a big oaf and failed to see the negativity in Steve Martin’s short and sweet tribute to Carrie Fisher.  I mean, it’s Twitter–where you’re relegated to putting your thoughts into only 140 characters.  Eloquence is not easy to convey in that short burst.  I hardly think it was intended to be offensive, yet there’s always someone out there who wants to try to make an issue out of something seemingly innocuous.  This society is filled with easily offended people, and sometimes they just crave attention, which is exactly what Ms. Landsbaum is getting over her witch hunt on Martin–who ultimately deleted his tweet.

So much for expressing your appreciation of someone who has died–and being able to speak freely and grieve.  Thanks to political correctness, we all live in fear of offending… unless you decide to give the collective middle finger to the whole movement.  I really wish Steve Martin had not deleted his tweet, caving into the ridiculous accusations.  It was a heartfelt expression; to think otherwise is just heinous.