I admit it. I’m envious of Carrie Underwood. She must wake up gorgeous and likely has little birds flitting around her head, helping her straighten up the house. Me? I wake up with the worst bed head–crumbs from last night’s snack smashed into my cheek, and I have three slobbering and flatulent dogs (four, if you count my husband) all of whom contribute to the mess at our house.  

Our house isn’t as messy, as it is “cluttered.”  We are Pile People; you know–bring the mail in and set it on the counter and before you know it, you have a pile of mail that you haven’t gone through. Multiple credit card offers that need to be shredded before they can be tossed out, bills that you wish would disappear, magazines that you swear you’re going to read, but never find time.

I swear the only time I really thoroughly clean is when someone is coming to visit. I go gonzo on the house then.

I even get crazy with cleaning when a delivery guy is coming. True story. We had to get a new microwave, as ours blew up. I have never scrubbed my stove and kitchen as much as I did before he arrived with it. I even cleaned the dead microwave, as if this was going to be a reflection on me in its eulogy at the dead appliances yard.

I’m hoping I’m not alone on the piles of clutter and the neglected stove… and the cookie crumbs melded to my face in the morning. You do that too, right?