Devin Dawson is starting to finally get some traction in the country music industry, and it’s been a labor of love for the Orangevale, CA native. 

*  His full legal name is Devin Dawson Durrett.

*  He has a twin brother, Jacob Durrett who is also involved in the Nashville music industry. Jacob is a songwriter as well, and pretty talented behind the mixing board in the recording studio. The twins work together as often as possible–and Jacob was also a co-writer on “All on Me.”

*  Likely the biggest nugget about Devin Dawson is that you probably watched a video back in 2014 of him performing and maybe didn’t realize it’s the same guy who you hear singing “All on Me” through your radio today. 

Yep. That’s Devin Dawson dueting with Blythe Thomas in the Taylor Swift mash-up that’s received well over 35-million views.

His first album, “Dark Horse” is available now–and you can follow him on Facebook & Twitter as well.