Yahoo dropped a list of ways to save money and time on Black Friday.

Do these things starting this week and you’ll be saving you a lot of work come Thanksgiving Eve! Check them out below:

  1. Sign up for newsletters and update emails from stores
  2. Follow your favorite brands on Twitter
  3. Research what you ACTUALLY want
  4. Decide if you’re going to the store or buying online
  5. Get your friends to help you hunt for deals
  6. Stay up late a few days before Black Friday to prepare for late-night bargain-hunting!
  7. Be a smart buyer and purchase things you know will be cheap on Black Friday
  8. Create a list and stick to it
  9. Don’t spend ALL your money on Black Friday! There’s Cyber Monday too!
Now prepare yourselves, because not only are the deals coming, but so are a ton of broken hearts who didn’t get what they wanted on Black Friday!  I love a good life hack, so I’ll definitely be using some of these!

Full Story: Yahoo