"Make It Sweet" by Old Dominion
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Old Dominion’s “Make It Sweet” is the first taste of new music from their forthcoming third studio album, and it feels good. The song is all about trying to make the most of your time on earth, even if money is tight.

“I know it’s a drag, I know it’s a grind / I know that a dollar ain’t worth a dime / Just tryin’ to keep up with the Joneses at the end of the block / I know you get tired, I know you get down / I know you get sick of this soul sucking town / But let’s make a little lemonade if lemons is all we got,” frontman Matthew Ramsey sings on the song’s first verse.

The infectious chorus hits hard with hand-clapped rhythms, memorable guitar riffs and an optimistic outlook as Old Dominion sing the money line, “Life is short, make it sweet.” It’s an uplifting message that recalls the positive vibe of previous No. 1 hit, “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” — Old Dominion continue to offer the lighthearted, breezy vibe that fans crave.