"Whiskey Glasses" by Morgan Wallen
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Morgan Wallen knows heartbreak as a sort of blunt force trauma in “Whiskey Glasses,” a mid-tempo spin on an idea so simple we can’t believe there’s not another hit like it on record.

Maybe another country singer has spoken of needing to look through “whiskey glasses” to get over a jilting lover. There’s nothing pretty about this breakup. She’s moved on, he hasn’t, and the idea that she’s twisted in passion with her new man is frying the singer’s nerves. There’s only one known cure.

It’s an old-school country theme that for the most part stays true to great ’80s or ’90s traditions. At the chorus, Wallen adds backing vocals in the style of Florida Georgia Line. This brings a subtle pop shine to a song that’s as easy of a radio hit as they come.