"GIRL" by Maren Morris
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Maren Morris’ new song “Girl” offers soulful reassurance in a universal way, if you let it. It’s bigger than an anthem for women who are being held back. Can’t we all be her “girl”?

For some, that answer will be no. Men who identify only through gender will step away from the song before the chorus of “Girl” finishes. In country music, that’s a significant group — so if the song struggles for airplay that’s why.

“Girl” is definitely left of center, but isn’t that what we love about her?

With this new song, the 28-year-old Texan stays true to the artist country fans fell in love with while listening to Hero,but she also offers something for newfound pop fans. There is tremendous crossover potential for “Girl,” but it’s unfair to say she’s digging up her roots. There is perhaps no other contemporary artist that sits so comfortably on the border of so many genres.