These days, gender reveal parties are the way MANY couples are choosing to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. Well, that reveal party thing is catching on and now teens want in.

College reveal parties are a thing.

Much like a gender reveal celebration, a college reveal party includes cake and decorations, usually color-coordinated to go with the chosen learning institution’s colors. It’s a way to make the big announcement and share the high school senior’s choice of college with their friends and family.

Think it’s a bit over the top? Sure. But some argue that if the family can afford it, why not celebrate the student’s achievement like this if it’s important to them. But with college tuition expenses just a few months away, not all families can afford to throw a blow-out bash just to tell everyone where their kid is going to college. And there’s nothing wrong with going old-school and just sharing the important decision over a family dinner, no balloons or confetti required

Source: PopSugar