Daylight Saving Time started yesterday, and we lost an hour of sleep. I don’t know about you but I have been feeling extra tired these past two days. If you want to steal it back, today is National Napping Day! If you need an excuse when your boss catches you sleeping at your desk, there you go!

But for some odd reason if you’re not feeling a little more tired than usual today, this might be why.

According to The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) annual Sleep in America® poll looked at how we’re affected by changes in our sleep pattern.

56% of people who described themselves as “poor” sleepers said that shifting their bedtime by an hour or more makes them feel worse the next day. But only 28% of “excellent” sleepers said the same thing.

47% of poor sleepers also said it affects them emotionally, compared to just 16% of excellent sleepers. And 46% of poor sleepers said it makes them less productive, compared to just 16% of excellent sleepers.

Full Story: National Today