Former St. Louis Fire Capt. Gregg Favre took to Twitter on Friday to announce that Bella, the dog he rescued 11 years ago while on duty at a firehouse, had passed away following a fight with cancer. Favre said he and Bella were inseparable over their 11 years together and remained together even as she passed away peacefully in his arms on Thursday night. In a series of tweets posted on the thread, Favre also talked about the “incredible” bond they shared and how their routine never changed, even as “life came crashing against our door.” He also spoke about donating Bella’s unused cancer medication to other families who might not be able to afford the prescription and urged people to make a donation to Stray Rescue of St Louis, who provided initial care for Bella when she was rescued. The thread also included the poem Favre told Bella on every one of their walks since her cancer diagnosis four months ago.

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