You have to wonder if this will turn out to be some stupid prank for “Internet fame” or just outward stupidity. A man caught on camera impersonating a police officer in DuPage County in Illinois was arrested Wednesday. Two other people have also been arrested in connection with this crime, police said. Wheaton police said the imposter did not make any threats or try to enter the residences he approached; he simply asked “police-related questions,” behavior that is bizarre and illegal. Wheaton police arrested three people, including the impersonator seen on video, about 1 p.m. Wednesday. The suspects’ identities will be released once charges are approved and filed, police said. Authorities’ investigation continues as a fourth person may have been involved. The first time the man, dressed like a detective, was seen approaching west suburban porches was Monday night in West Chicago. He was caught on doorbell video twice. Watch the video because he really sells it. Weird.