Luke Combs has been invited to become the newest Grand Ole Opry member.

Combs received the coveted invitation last night, with Opry members Craig Morgan, John Conlee and Chris Janson doing the honors.

As Combs wrapped his performance of “She Got The Best Of Me,” Conlee, Janson, and Morgan took the stage to make the formal invitation.

“What a career this guy is having,” Conlee began. Turning to Combs, he added, “The Grand Ole Opry wants you to know we just love you.”

Janson and Morgan then took it from there, asking in unison to a visibly moved Combs, “How would you like to be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry?!”

After a round of congratulations from the three Opry members, Combs then said, “Holy cow! Are you serious? ‘Cause if you’re not serious, that’s really mean.”

Check out the moment.