A great-grandmother in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, recently sprang into action when she spotted a deadly cobra on her patio. Instead of waiting around for animal control to arrive, 73-year-old Kathy Kehoe took matters into her own hands and killed the venomous snake with a shovel. Kehoe tells WPVI-TV that she noticed the 4 to 5-foot-long serpent on her patio after squawking blue jays prompted her to look outside her apartment door. Kathy said she knew “right away” that the snake was a deadly cobra, and she wasn’t going to let it pose a threat to the neighborhood kids. After following the snake out into the yard, Kehoe says she tapped it on the tail and it went up in its defensive posture. That’s when Kathy says she “did the deed,” using the shovel to kill the deadly snake. As for where the cobra came from, police say authorities removed 20 venomous snakes from a neighboring apartment back in March, so it’s possible it came from there.

VIDEO: Twitter