A Partial Lunar Eclipse Early Friday Morning to be the Longest in 600 years

Written by on November 16, 2021

This Friday morning in the EARLY hours of the day a partial lunar eclipse will occur. The eclipse will be visible throughout the entire United States, Mexico and Canada. Parts of eastern Russia, Japan and western South America will be able to view it, too.

The Holcomb Observatory is calling this the longest partial eclipse of the moon in almost 600 years!

The lunar eclipse will begin locally around 1:18AM with maximum eclipse of the moon expected at 3:03AM. At that moment, the moon’s face will be 97% covered by the Earth’s shadow causing the moon to appear red. The partial eclipse will end around 4:47AM.

NASA explains what a lunar eclipse is, and the difference between a full and partial one here.

Of course, viewing is ultimately dependent on weather conditions. As of this writing, the National Weather Service in La Crosse is calling for at least a partly cloudy sky which should still lead to some favorable viewing. You can view forecast updates and changes here.

If you get up that early, grab binoculars, a cup of something warm to drink, and some blankets because it will be chilly!!

Cover photo: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

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