Written by on December 7, 2021

Every once in awhile someone posts something so ridiculous to the internet it can’t help but get some attention. Usually people say a few mean things and it kind of disappears. In the case I’m about to present it has not calmed down at all it has, in fact …. caught fire into a hilarious number of memes, and a new person to blame when things go wrong. Sharon Weis has given us the new go to when things go wrong for you simply by burning a Marie Callender pie this Thanksgiving. Sharon posted the picture of her store bought pie burned to a crisp to the Marie Callender Facebook page with the simple caption, “Thanks marie callender for ruining thanksgiving dessert”. What happened first is that an automated response from Marie Callender popped up asking her to contact them for an apology and problem resolution, and a few people started pointing out the fact that the pie company doesn’t control how long or at what temperature you actually set the oven at. What happened next is that the Internet got a full grasp of the post as it was shared and then the real fun began. People came up with clever ways of making fun of the fact that Sharon obviously didn’t follow – or maybe even read the instructions. Some just used one-liners while others made memes comparing her comment to other burnt items and fiery moments in cinema and history. While her initial post is laughable enough what has become of it is even better! The original post has of course been deleted, but nothing on the internet is truly ever gone. So, if you hear anyone blaming the baker for a failed attempt at baking, a poorly chosen Christmas gift, a fender bender, or anything for that matter with a, “Thanks Marie Callender” at least you know where it came from and the following thread should give you a few laughs at the clever retorts the Internet has provided.

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