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KQ98 Salute today from Bauer’s Market and Garden Center with DUKE. We Salute General Colin Powell. 4 Star general, Secretary of State, 35 years of service in US Army. Powell was born almost 84 years ago in Harlem and grew up in The Bronx. After graduation from City College of New York and Army ROTC, […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us today’s KQ98 salute with DUKE on the Pledge of Allegiance. March 1st, 1924 Donald Kent Slayton was born in Sparta, WI. After graduating from Sparta High School, He enlisted in the United States Army Air Force. He rapidly became one of the top pilots in the program. He […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center 7AM Pledge of Allegiance with Duke is called a KQ98 Salute. Today We salute the service of Academy Award winning actor and acclaimed narrator Morgan Freeman. After High School graduation, in 1955, Freeman turned down a partial drama scholarship to Jacksonville State University. He instead, enlisted in The United States […]

Today’s KQ98 salute with DUKE and Bauer’s Market and Garden Center goes back to February 25th, 1991. It was on this date, during the Persian Gulf War, that 28 American Soldiers were killed when an Iraqi Scud missile hit a U.S. Barracks. Most of the 28 Men and Women killed that day in Dhahran, Saudi […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us the KQ98 Salute with DUKE and the Pledge of Allegiance. Today we salute the late Eddie Feigner of ” The King and His Court”. Eddie was perhaps the best fast pitch softball pitcher of all-time. He made a living barnstorming across America in the ’40’s,50’s, 60’s 70’s,80’s and […]

KQ98 Salute for today with Bauer’s Market and Garden Center on the Pledge of Allegiance. We salute the 5th Marine division on Iwo Jima in 1945. Today, all those years ago the iconic photo of the Flag Raising on Mount Suribachi was captured on film. It was replicated with an enormous memorial at Arlington Ridge […]

Bauer’s market and garden Center bring Us the 7AM Pledge of Allegiance Shout-out. Today We salute The Friendly Painter Bob Ross of PBS Fame. On a beautiful day for winter scapes. Bob graduated high school in 1961 and joined the US Air Force and stayed for 20 years. While stationed in Alaska, He took an […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us the 7am Pledge of Allegiance shout out with DUKE. Today We salute Bob Martin of Iowa and Minnesota. I got to know RJ when he began dating My Sister in the early 70’s. 50 years of Fish, Morel mushrooms, Pheasants, pull-tabs, sardines and too many fun times to […]

Bauer’s market and garden Center bring You the pledge of Allegiance shout-out with DUKE at 7AM. US Supreme court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was sworn in on this date, 1988. Kennedy has an impressive academic pedigree, Stanford University, Harvard Law. Upon Graduation from Harvard Law in 1961 Kennedy Joined the US Army in the form […]

7AM shout-Out Pledge of Allegiance with DUKE, with Bauer’s Market and Garden Center. Today We salute Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Over 200,000 American Sailors, Soldiers and Marines. It lasted from the Spring of 2003 until 2011. A hearty Thank You to Veterans of Iraqi Freedom !

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