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Highlight reels in sports are not uncommon. We see them all the time form the football and baseball fields to the volleyball and basket ball courts. It’s truly impressive when we see a miracle play, and it means more when our own team is the one making the play. On occasion there are those that […]

In the late 80s and early 90s Disney ruled the after school airwaves with their slate of cartoons. There was shows with cartoon ducks, bears, and chipmunks. The last one called “Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers” took the famous chipmunks and made them private investigators with a few friends that helped them on their adventures […]

Every year the NFL holds their annual draft where the new stars of the game may be chosen. I say “may be” because no matter how good a player is supposed to be they may become more infamous than famous if they are a bust. Ryan Leaf, Curtis Enis, Charles Rogers, Tony Mandrich, and many, […]

Let me be clear: I really don’t give a crap about this trial ….. possibly a poor choice of words there. But the fact remains I really don’t care because it is literally a “he said, she said” case about whether someone was publicly defamed and whether it hurt their reputation. From the sounds of […]

People have been cheating others out of their money or other property since the dawn of time. It’s human nature to want things and try to find ways to get them even if they are devious means. Whether you carry through with them is a totally different manner. Folks will routinely say that you can’t […]

We see movies and shows where there is a child genius throughout history. Science fiction shows are full of them. Kids that are almost smarter than everyone else on the show and figure out complex problems sometimes due to them being kids. From Will Robinson and Wesley Crusher to Doogie Houser (or the updated Doogie […]

Fights in baseball are not uncommon. We here about benches clearing brawls from time to time in the major leagues, but not very often at all in college. Even when there is one at the college level they are quickly broken up without even a punch being thrown. This video that popped up recently shows […]

Famous people live a lifestyle that the rest of the world cannot fully understand. Depending on their level of fame they can be recognized in public and immediately be approached by a fan. While you may think that this is what they signed up for when they decided to become famous that doesn’t mean they […]

Professional sports can be an odd work environment. First, you are paid to coach or play a sport because you are one of the best at it. Second, the contracts can be canceled at any time for multiple reasons regardless of how good you are or whether the team has to pay you after you’re […]

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