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The perfect proposal: a man and a woman on the bow of a boat, bobbing in the ocean, a beautiful sunset, and the perfect way to propose just a second away. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It looks that way too until near tragedy strikes. Just as the young man thinks she is unaware of […]

Paul Allen has been calling the play-by-play for the Minnesota Vikings for 20 years. He is the consummate sports fan and is a leading voice in the NFL. Over the years he has called some of the most infamous (Arizona Cardinals in 2003) and historic (Minneapolis Miracle 2017) Vikings calls in the team’s history. Even […]

We’ve seen the commercials and drank from the cans. When the beer is cold the mountains on the side of the Coors can turn blue. Seems like an unneeded attribute when you can feel it as soon as you touch the can that you had in the fridge for several hours. Whatever. Marketing comes in […]

I can tell you that the deer have been in the rut for the last few week. The one I shot and the young buck he was about to tussle with cam running into the woods and had no idea I was there as they were pursing a doe. I’ve seen several pictures this year […]

The kids are currently use the slang term “that slaps” when something is above reproach in it’s sound or visual excellence. For those of an older generation that means it’s cool/ awesome/ the bomb/ crunk/ lit. It is mostly used for music due to how it makes you dance, but I’ve seen it grow beyond […]

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OK, full honesty here: I did not know you could mine for diamonds anywhere in America. I would also never guess Arkansas was where you could do it unless I threw it out sarcastically. Apparently, you can do this at Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park and many people venture there in the hopes of […]

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Whenever I see something like this I remember the scene in “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray catched the kid falling out of the tree. He implores him to say, “Thank you” several times and bemoans the fact the kid never thanks him. I’m going to guess that wasn’t the case here. A man that happened […]

There are kids out there that I hope find their calling sometimes by accident. They see something and react and have the realization that they have found the path to what they want to do. That may be the case here as Finn Connor left a Celtics game in Boston the other night with hos […]

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