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As the human race continues to try its best to improve everything from transportation to the arts we have seen many advancements in several decades. The last 100 years or so we have taken several leaps it seems in a short amount of time. As computers became part of everyday life it feels like things […]

The holidays are in full swing as December 1st starts off the weekend. There are still craft shows to go to and find special gifts. Maybe you’re tired of all the shopping and running around already. Here’s a few things to do that are entertaining and educational from the craft side of things. Friends and […]

I am a fan of superhero movies and I really enjoy seeing them in the theater. Big screen, big sound, big impact. If I can catch them in IMAX and/or 3D that makes it even better in some cases. One problem there has been is that a glut of superhero movies have been coming out […]

We are hearing it too much the last few years: our business is closing. The most impacted seems to be the restaurant business. All over the country there are community staples that have closed because after the pandemic they lost their work force. Prices also rose due to shipping issues and supply chain issues. Fayze’s […]

When you go to Disneyland or Disney World you expect to see many magical and wonderful attractions and characters. As a kid you can’t wait to catch a glimpse of your favorite characters or go to the different lands within each park. When you’re an adult you may still feel some of that same excitement […]

It’s that time of year that we see a bunch of Christmas and other holiday ads. Sometimes we get classic ads that have been playing for decades such as the Hershey’s Kisses bell choir, the Campbell’s Snowman Soup, the Corona Christmas Palm Tree, or even the M&M’s meet Santa ad. They’ve been here since the […]

She is a national treasure and the current Queen of Country Music! You can add “Rock Star” to her title with her recent rock album. Dolly Parton is undefeated in pretty much everything she does and spreads her wealth to those in need and always manages to stay humble. Usually the halftime shows at the […]

Maybe it’s not too common anymore, but there was a time when we all had spare change on our person. We needed it for snack and pop machines when we need something quick or at a ball game or work. You either needed a quarter or a friend did and you were happy to give […]

The weekend is a little longer this week! I hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all the turkey and trimmings that go with it as well as tasty leftovers! This weekend is full of sports too with NFL football being the major sport of choice on Thanksgiving day, but they even have a […]

I’m almost afraid to share this. I have a sister that is very detail oriented and this is right up her alley. This family understands that Thanksgiving can be busy and there is almost a chore like atmosphere when preparing the meal and cleaning up afterward. So, in order to keep things moving and everyone […]

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