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Author: Tony Schultz

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Last week the Vikings couldn’t seem to get out of their own way or out of the way of the Bears front seven. Dalvin Cook couldn’t get any significant runs going. Kirk Cousins couldn’t get the passing game going and the defense couldn’t fully capitalize on the fact that the Bears starting quarterback, Mitch Trubisky […]

A 9-year-old Minnesota boy recently won a 10K race by accident after he took the wrong race route. Kade Lovell of St. Cloud had originally planned on running a 5K Saturday, but ended up doubling his distance when he missed the spot where he was supposed to turn around. Kade ended up finishing the 6.2 […]

The mystery woman who went viral for her commanding operatic performance in an L.A. subway has been identified. The woman’s voice went viral over the weekend after the Los Angeles Police Department shared a video of her singing a famous opera tune in the L.A. Metro. The woman has now been identified as 52-year-old Emily […]

A radio host in the U.K. has set a new world record thanks to his knowledge of Taylor Swift songs. According to London News Online, Dan Simpson set the new Guinness World Record for correctly identifying 27 Taylor Swift songs in 60 seconds by having just the first line of the tune read to him. […]

A tweet garnered a lot of attention and sparked a string of arguments over “which candy has to go?” So which one would you get rid of? Personally I would drop Snickers as you can just stick peanuts in a Milky Way and call it good!

A long-lost painting from the late 13th Century is going up for auction after it was discovered hanging in an elderly woman’s kitchen in France. According to the BBC, art experts say that the painting discovered in the kitchen turned out to be the masterpiece “Christ Mocked” by Florentine artist Cimabue. Infrared light tests were […]

Colorado wildlife officials are warning people to never pick up wildlife after a woman placed an injured bobcat in her vehicle just feet away from her young child. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that when one of their officers responded to a call about an injured bobcat last Wednesday (9/18), she found the unrestrained wild […]

Apparently some REAL cows heard how good Spotted Cow is. A few nights ago the police cornered some cows on the loose in the New Glarus parking lot. Their security camera’s caught the whole thing. The Wisconsin brewery posted them on their Facebook page.

Amazing what home field advantage can give a team! The Vikings came out like they did in week one and shut down the Raiders and moved the ball almost at will all game long. After last week’s near miss the Vikings looked cool, calm, and collectively better in all phases of the game. They started […]

A video is going viral this week that shows a Walt Disney World worker almost get swept away by the wind as he carried a large amount of balloons through the park. The video was filmed by park visitor Erick Comellas, who says the worker was carrying the balloons for a Halloween-themed event when the […]