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It’s always cool when you see a kid challenge themselves. Isaac Ortman from Duluth decided his challenge was to sleep outside for as long as he can even in the winter. He has been sleeping in a “quinzee” which is basically a snow fort. He piles up snow and hollows it out until it is […]

Who knew delivering packages could be so dangerous beyond the occasional dog bite? Charles delivers for Amazon and last week he had a terrifying moment when he walked across a customer’s lawn and the ground gave way. If that wasn’t bad enough the hole he fell into was for the septic tank. Yucky. Charles tried […]

I love it when people put extra work into their decorating. Not obnoxious measures, but that little more that makes it special, funny, spectacular. Jeffery the Snowman in Milltown, Wisconsin is gigantic! People are driving from all over to get pictures with him. The cool (pun intended) thing is that it is also a fundraiser. […]

Tik Tok is full of videos with people giving helpful tips or “life hacks”. Most of them are stupid or common-sense videos that show that person knows less about what they’re doing then you do. Occasionally, we get an actual professional giving hacks about their job. This is one such instance. Kat Kalimana is a […]

Star Wars stirs up instant memories and images of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker batting in spaceships or with lightsabers. Maybe you see strange aliens in your mind or strange people in real life dressing up like the movie characters. That’s all OK because it just shows how powerful it is not just as a […]

Every time you see a show with a ship in it the seas are usually calm and the passengers are having a lovely time drifting along. When you see a show with rough seas they usually have a shot of the bow breaking under and over the waves with the crew seeming to move with […]

The final week in the NFL was emotional in a number of different ways. There are a number of teams that had nothing to play for as their losses ended their hopes for the postseason weeks ago. For those still in the playoff hunt they were fully charged up and ready to either solidify their […]

When’s the last time you dialed 411 Information or zero for an operator on your phone? For most it has been quite a while since they used that service. Just 10-15 years ago you maybe started dialing it less because your phone stored everyone’s number. Before that you may have called them to find a […]

I’m no ice fisherman. I’ve tried it a few times, but just don’t find the joy in it that others gladly do. Not enough action for me I guess. However, I appreciate the solemn meditation that can be had while getting in some fishing either alone or with friends. This attraction might get me out […]

Every summer in the tri-states we get excited for the glut of country concerts we can attend all over the states. We will travel several hundred miles and sleep in less than perfect conditions in order to have fun and listen to some great Country music. WE Fest, Summerfest, Country Fest, Country Jam, and Country […]

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