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This weekend it looks to be chilly and rainy. Not a great combo for going to the apple orchard or getting lost in a corn maze. Inside might be a better plan unless the elements make the outdoor event better. I know, it’s a bit of a contradiction there but bare with me. I’ll share […]

I’ll be the first to admit I hate getting caught in traffic. This video from Portland in June is absolutely ridiculous and frightening. A man upset by a parade closing the freeway exits drives through barriers and weaves his way through a busy parade route. He almost hits pedestrians including children! The police try to […]

“This is my boom stick!” “Give me some sugar, baby.” “Groovy.” If you or your weird friend that can’t stop talking about horror movies uses these on a regular basis, then you know the “Evil Dead” horror franchise started by director Sam Raimi. I was first exposed to it as a kid at a graduation […]

As parents we go through rights of passage just like our kids. When they hit a life milestone we also hit one as an adult. For instance, their first steps become us watching our first child take their first steps. When they play a sport, pick up an instrument, go on a date, or graduate […]

As we all know this time of year is rife with haunted houses and spooky trail rides. Most are fundraisers for local charities. In Harmony, Minnesota the Fillmore Central school kids are running their own haunted house to help raise funds for programs at school. They do it while ranking as the best haunted house […]

There are many honors out there for people of all skills and talents. We know some as they are pretty much at the forefront due to them being a Hall of Fame for their respective area. One that many might not be aware of is the National Inventors Hall of Fame and I think the […]

One and done. That’s the saying this time of year when it comes to high school football. Wisconsin has already been a week into their post season run, but Minnesota starts this week. In this corner of the state it’s a big deal with almost every year having teams play in the State Tournament. Whether […]

Every year the Mid-West Family gets together and helps broadcast the Children’s Miracle Network radiothon. When we’re on the air you hear different voices on our different stations from KQ98, Z93, Classic Hits, and The Rock. We were very happy to help donate $500 to CMN as part of KQ98 Cares with the help of […]

Have you ever been heckled? You know, when you’re trying to do your job and someone tries to distract you or criticize you from the sidelines or audience? We usually associate it with people on stage with someone in the crowd yelling things at them. I’ve experienced it at a minor level and seen people […]

The horror genre is constantly trying to find new ways to bring folks to the theater. The heyday was in the 80s for sure. It has moments of being on top again with innovative takes like “The Blair Witch Project” or the “Scream” series, but it always seems to trail off again quickly. It is […]

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