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Isaac is the Afternoon Host and Music Director on KQ98! Isaac grew up in Minneapolis, but has called La Crosse home since 2015 after graduating from Winona State University. Outside of the studio, Isaac’s cheering on the Vikings, watching random YouTube videos and searching for the best dive bar in the Tri-States.

“Wine O’Clock” Is at 6:59 P.M.

A winemaker in northern California commissioned a new survey to find out exactly when "WINE o'clock" is. Meaning the best time to crack open a bottle and start drinking. And the answer they came up with is precisely 6:59 P.M. They also asked people to name the top "little pleasures" in life. And that part seems a little

Heinz’s Mayo-Ketchup Was a Hit, So Here Come “Mayomust” and “Mayocue”

Heinz finally brought its mayo-ketchup hybrid, "Mayochup," to the U.S. back in September. Before that, it was only sold in the Middle East. And apparently it's been a hit over here, because two NEW mayonnaise hybrids are now on the way: A mayo-mustard combo called "Mayomust"...and a mayo-barbecue sauce hybrid called "Mayocue." Mayomust is a light-yellow

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