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She brings the class and he brings the sass…or, maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, Phil and Rachel are waking you up every weekday morning bright and early. We’ll talk sports, entertainment and just shoot the breeze but you know we’re bringing the fun and laughs to brighten your day. Thanks for waking up with us in the tri-states!

Planes, Rains, & Automobiles

The recent horrible incident where passengers were kept on an airplane for a 12-hour travel delay from Kansas City to Los Angeles got me thinking about my worst travel experience ever several years ago when I was trying to get to a big race in Florida. It was a doozy of a storm, and

Not Stingy on the Laughs

After watching a nearly two-hour long movie this Thanksgiving weekend, I was let down with a very vague ending. I had no idea what happened to the main characters—how or if the conflict was resolved—or if the couple actually stayed together. I was bummed that I invested two hours of my time and was

12 Takeaways from the CMA Awards

1.  Country music shows know how to do an opening number that surprises and delights. 2.  Eric Church is capable of laughing at himself--and is probably the only artist who can get away with rockin' sunglasses 24-7. 3.  Brothers Osborne are two of the most humble guys and I will ALWAYS buy a ticket

Double-Check Your Powerball Numbers

So by now, you've heard that Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts won the massive jackpot of $758.7-million in Wednesday's Powerball drawing. After taxes, she'll pocket $443.3-million, which is still a staggering amount of money. I'm honestly in shock that she came forward so soon. I would've likely stayed anonymous, or at the very least--waited for

Potty Problem with Pudge

We have three dogs. I love each of them equally, but at the moment I'm at my wit's end with one of them: Pudge the Boxer. We purchased a carpet remnant to replace the old tattered one that was in the dogs' area in our house. It's a nice space on the wood floor,

Are You Kidding Me?!

I am the furthest thing from a fashionista. I do not profess to know anything of the fashion industry, but I will say that IF these two styles of jeans are actually selling, I am convinced there is no hope for the future. The worst part of the whole thing is that it's a hoity-toity

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