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Tony grew up right here in Bluff Country in Houston, MN! Vikings/Gophers/Houston Hurricanes fan and that’s not changing! Bit of a TV and movie buff and a vast wasteland of useless pop culture references. He’s here to help you make it through the night and maybe dance a bit!

City In France Gives Out Viagra

The village of Montereau, France, has proposed an unusual method for battling their declining population: give out free Viagra. According to The Independent, the village's mayor, Jean Debouzy, hopes the proposed policy will help kick start a baby boom, which will produce enough children to keep the local school open. Debouzy says the anti-erectile

Graduation Back Flip Fail

I can see how this young man did this move hundreds of times. Maybe as part of a sport he was in or just for fun. Maybe he is a gymnast or just blessed with skill and confidence. Commonsense may not be his best attribute as he picked a time when several cameras would

We Have A New American Idol Winner

Another year and another new "Idol" is crowned. In some peoples' eyes it was an upset when Laine Hardy, an 18 year old from Louisiana. Alejandro Aranda seemed to be the favorite through most of the season. His angelic singing combined with his talent to write his own material seemed to have the judges

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