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Woman Throws Snake To Steal A Car

Police in Greenville, South Carolina, say a woman stole an SUV on Friday after throwing a nonpoisonous snake at the driver. According to reports, Greenville Police say the suspect threw a live, black snake at the SUV's driver after demanding she give up her keys. The suspect - identified as 29-year-old Hilmary Moreno-Berrios -

Man Arrested For Fishing Naked

There are those moments in life when we think, look around, and come to the conclusion of "no one is around so I could do something". Then, we go, "But that would be a bad idea", so we don't do that thing. A Minnesota man at a lake was doing some fishing and had

Twins Are Part Of Gender Reveal

Now I think gender reveal parties can sometimes be way too much. This one is a little different. First, it's not a party. Second, this couple found a fun way to do it. Sean Lochner and his wife brought a ball filled with powder to the Minnesota Twins game and asked Eddie Rosario to

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