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KQ98 KQ98 Get your votes in now for the #kq98hot7 tomorrow night!
08:30PM Apr 26
twinradio01 twinradio01 Mimosa to kick off the pub crawl pic.twitter.com/fzKHUkwKzK
07:50AM Apr 25
RachelOnAir RachelOnAir Amazing how hearing @Jason_Aldean 's #BigGreenTractor can completely make my day. Doesn't matter what else happens. Oh yeah.... #WLOP !
04:03PM Apr 23
RachelOnAir RachelOnAir O.M.G.!.....the #Brewers won a game!
02:45PM Apr 23
bradallenfm bradallenfm Got whipped tonight by my 6 year old son in a 3+ hour game of Monopoly. He thinks we're just playing Monopoly. #FatherSonGameNight
08:12PM Apr 22
twinradio01 twinradio01 @WhiteTigerVodka just followed me...Do I talk about drinking alot? haha, looks like it may be good stuff, samples encouraged :)
05:25PM Apr 21