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KQ98 KQ98 #TrendingNow with @RachelOnAir from The Marble Shop. Hopefully she creates the ripple effect she wanted. www.yahoo.com/health/woman-thanks-her-pilots-for-getting-her-home-115122417497.html
03:29PM Mar 31
07:15AM Mar 31
bradallenfm bradallenfm Preach it! TJ from @brothersosborne hits the nail on the head about the state of country music here: rol.st/1HXGbRu #FeedYourHead
05:48AM Mar 31
KQ98 KQ98 @CountrySammi #doh Keep trying, it's tough to get through
06:52PM Mar 30
RachelOnAir RachelOnAir Thanks @twinradio01 ! I think I will get some use out of this. pic.twitter.com/uZWbatfsVx
03:16PM Mar 30
twinradio01 twinradio01 @Jr68racer @mansal23 hopefully jamming out to @TodaysQ106 like me :)
09:37AM Mar 30
RachelOnAir RachelOnAir Well @iamchrislane is friggin' AWESOME! @KQ98
07:03PM Mar 28