Terminator. I, Robot. The Matrix. These are all movies where robots become sentient and begin to think for themselves to the point that the only way to survive is to destroy or subdue all humans. The movie Atlas on Netflix starring Jennifer Lopez is a direct descendant of these films. Where the fear that Artificial […]

There are two types of superhero movie fans: those that read all the comic books they spawn from and those that only love the movies. The comic book fans have a much deeper understanding of the characters and their backstory while those that only watch the movies only know the stories that are presented on […]

When I saw there was going to be a movie on Netflix about the creation of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, I thought it might be kind of a funny premise for a movie. Jerry Seinfeld obviously had the same thought. He was creating the film and putting together a stellar cast of comedic minds that I […]

Tales of power and greed have been around for decades in movies and TV shows. Those programs were mostly pointed at a good versus evil angle where in the end the good guy won out. In the late 1970s and early 80s the evening landscape of television became the place of dramas that had extended […]

If you haven’t seen a roast on Comedy Central over the last decade plus, then you may wonder what all the hubbub is all about. A “roast” to the uninitiated is where people get together and make fun of someone that has done great deeds. Since there is nothing more that can be said about […]

Over the last few years, the Internet and social media have become main sources of how people consume information. My guess that if a poll was taken that a large percentage of people get most of their information there. Whether they watch or read the news there that they can also watch on TV they […]

“Once upon a time…” is a fair way to start any story about princes and princesses, faraway lands, dragons and heroes. It doesn’t matter if the story is basically the same or not. The usual formula has a damsel in distress being rescued by a a noble man and they fall in love and live […]

Recently I’ve covered new movies that have been sequels or remakes. The thing is that if the nostalgia is deep enough or if the movie is a vast improvement they make money and people enjoy them. There has always been a clamoring for shows and movies to be remade with shouts of “This would be […]

Remake. Reboot. Sequel. Prequel. Reimagining. These are the buzzwords that Hollywood uses when they put out a movie as part of a franchise. Rehashed. Overdone. Disrespectful. Lazy. And the most popular: why? Those are what potential viewers are likely to say. It’s never surprising when popular movies get sequels or branches off into different stories. […]

We’ve all heard the stories of child actors and the problems they have faced growing up. While not every child actor grows up to have financial and mental problems some have been highlighted over the years as cautionary tales. Dana Plato, Soleil Moon Frye, Adam Rich, McCauley Culkin, Drew Barrymore, and Amanda Bynes have all […]

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