Get Paid $5,000 to Kick Your Worst Spending Habit

Written by on September 15, 2021

The Penny Hoarder company, a personal finance website that publishes content on how people can make and save money, is willing to pay someone $5,000 to kick their worst spending habit for 30 days.

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If selected, this “specialist” would take part in the challenge which could be as simple as spending less money on something by staying home or replacing a bad habit with a more economical one. For example, do you get coffee on your way into work every morning or how many times did you order delivery last month?

According to Nationwide, daily coffees is a one of the worst spending habits. If a coffee costs $4, it adds up to $85 a month and over $1,000 a year. Also, think about how many streaming services or other subscriptions you’re paying for that you rarely, if ever use.

Applications for the contest are open until September 19th and a winner will be chose on September 30th. Go here to apply and learn more.

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