May We Thank You 2023

May is all about thanking current and past service members on KQ98. Join us in saying THANKS to our Real American Heroes. A simple “thank you” will never be enough for all that they do to protect our country.

During the month of May we will be talking to special guests working with local veterans’ services that help them and their families. Listen to KQ98 to learn how you can thank and help our veterans in our local communities. 

Special thanks to Caledonia Haulers, Ace of La Crosse, River Valley Remodelers, April Carrier with Farmers Insurance, and Camp Site RV for their continued support of those who make the choice to protect our great nation.


MAY WE THANK YOU WITH JANE BRANNON – La Crosse County CVSO Jane Brannon, retired Lt Col US Army gives us information on education services for veterans and their families.

MAY WE THANK YOU WITH TOM ANDERSON – Winona County CVSO Tom Anderson lets us know what burial rights veterans have for themselves and their families. He also discusses the differences between federal and state military cemeteries and private ones. 

MAY WE THANK YOU WITH CHARLES WEAVER – Monroe County CVSO Charles Weaver discusses how veterans’ spouses and dependents can apply for pensions if a veteran has passed away. He also talks about the Federal and State programs in place to help widows of veterans. 

MAY WE THANK YOU WITH STEVE YOUNG – CVSO Steve Young joined us to discuss the PACT Act and how it affects veterans. He also tells us what we can do to get help with its benefits.

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