Country Star of the Month

What do you get when you take a female country singer that seems to personify Country Music not just on the inside, but on the outside as well? You get Hailey Whitters. She performed a few years ago on the Country Boom stage. When I met her backstage she was dressed in an outfit that […]

It has been awhile since an American Idol made it to the big time and even longer since super-star status. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the benchmark that all singers that enter and leave the show shoot for. More often than not they quickly drift off into obscurity and are only remembered when you […]

When it comes to country artists, Dustin Lynch is still well rooted in the sound and style that most folks grew up on. Sure, he can have a pop sound to his songs now and again. When he takes the stage though he is more likely to be wearing a cowboy hat than a ballcap. […]

Kip Moore went has been i country music for quite a few years but ti took a few to get noticed. After Kip graduated from college where he started playing guitar and singing he did a bit of traveling. He spent time in Hawaii living in what he referred to as a hut learning to […]

When it comes to Country Music artists with a huge following you can count Jo Dee Messina in that group. She grew up in Massachusetts and had a love of music at a young age. When she first started out she and her brother and sisters played local clubs when she was 16 years old. […]

Corey Kent White is his full name. Shortening it for professional reasons. It’s not uncommon in the entertainment business to go by middle names, change their order, or change your name all-together for anonymity. Corey was going by his full name growing up in Oklahoma, and when he appeared on The Voice in 2015. Corey […]

Sometimes you just have to keep in contact with the right person to find your opportunities. Megan Moroney has hit the scene recently and is making the rounds in Country Music airwaves. From Georgia and a graduate of the the University of Georgia, she has earned her degree and is now trying to earn more […]

Bailey Zimmerman has done what has become the normal path to sudden success in the singing world. There are two that seem the most prevalent with the first being to get on a talent show of some sort. The other is his path which is to use the Internet and social media to his advantage. […]

This isn’t your normal “country artist” that is for sure. Jelly Roll, AKA Jason DeFord is known more for rapping than he is for waxing nostalgic about a lost love and a pickup truck. However, you can’t deny the crossover hit he has had with “Son of A Sinner” that has climbed the country charts […]

Nate Smith is pretty new to the charts of Country Music but not new to singing. Growing up in California he caught “the bug” with inspiration from church and singing along with the congregations. He took his talents to Nashville by the age of 23 and was on the road to being more than just […]

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