It’s not everyday you see an accident. It’s not everyday you get married either. It made no difference to Rachel Taylor who was driving home from her wedding with her newly betrothed husband to come across an accident and immediately help out. Still in her gown she helped care for a woman with a large […]

Not everyone appreciates a good work of art. Whether this driver is the ultimate critic or if they had some other issue they definitely made an impact on this statue in Las Vegas. The entire accident was caught on a dash cam of a person waiting at the intersection. The 4,000-pound median art piece is […]

Luckily he was unhurt, but a Husky in the UK started a fire. The home owner put food in the microwave to keep it away from him, but he was just too determined to get to it. I guess I need to stop complaining about when someone burns popcorn in the employee lounge at work! […]

A 9-year-old Minnesota boy recently won a 10K race by accident after he took the wrong race route. Kade Lovell of St. Cloud had originally planned on running a 5K Saturday, but ended up doubling his distance when he missed the spot where he was supposed to turn around. Kade ended up finishing the 6.2 […]

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan got some unwanted renovations. A car ran off the road and crashed into the wall and punched a hole through it. The driver didn’t stick around, but they were photographed pretty well on the security cameras. The owner fixed the hole, but then an artist friend recreated the accident […]

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