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If you trained, said your prayers, and took your vitamins then your dream may be coming true. The WWE is bringing Summerslam to Minneapolis at US Bank stadium in 2026 and they’re expanding it to two nights. August 1st and 2nd they’ll be wrastlin’ downtown in the home of the Minnesota Vikings. I haven’t followed […]

New moms and dads have a lot of firsts with their newborns or their third kid. One thing that never changes is taking pictures. Nowadays those pictures happen as soon as the baby is born. Eventually the phones have to be put away and a professional photographer needs to step in and do some fancy […]

Anytime the Elvis Presley family comes up in the news it feels like either extremely good or bad news. Chalk this up to the latter. A firm is stating that the late daughter of Elvis, Lise Marie Presley had borrowed money in the sum of $3.8 million and they are going to auction off Graceland […]

Sunday night was game 7 of the playoffs in the NBA where the Denver Nuggets hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves in a win or go home match-up. It did not look good for Minnesota at halftime and at the start of the 3rd quarter. Most Minnesota fans were seeing the usual drop out of the playoffs […]

Slang is an ever changing genre of speech. Maybe when you were growing up you used “cool” or “hot” to describe something that was good. Perhaps things were “da bomb”, “fresh” or “rad” when you found them to be good. What if things were bad? Then you may have said they were “trash”, “hoopty”, or […]

You ever find some weird piece of junk that you just can’t identify? Have you ever found it in a place that makes no sense like the middle of a field or the woods? The first thing we do is look all around for tracks, paths, or other things on the ground as clues. After […]

The applications of AI seem immeasurable. Some are good and some are not, but this is one that seems like a good thing. Michael Bommer will be the first person turned into a “digital memory” similar to a journal by AI referred to as a “Digital Memoir”. The company that provides it asks a series […]

Tis the season that kids are getting a bit squirrelly with the school year coming to an end. May brings about thoughts of summer and no more homework and the seniors have the feelings or “senior-itis” creeping in. One of the other traditions at the end of a school year is the senior prank. Sometimes […]

Have you ever heard someone yell out, “YOU DONE MESSED UP A-ARON!”? This is in reference to a memorable comedy sketch from Key and Peele and their show from Comedy Central. It has become part of pop culture reference when someone makes a mistake. As an DJ, football play-by-play, and an announcer at other events […]

This is the time of year when we worry the most about power outages. Storms with high winds and lightning are the main causes. We hope that there’s enough charge in our cell phones and tablets to get us through the time and everyone leaves the fridge ans freezer closed. When a power outage happens […]

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