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A tractor-trailer carrying a load of toilet paper caught fire on a Texas highway early Wednesday morning. The news station reports that thousands of toilet paper rolls went up in flames, causing the police to close all westbound lanes of I-20 in southern Dallas County. The trucker told KTVT-TV that he was hauling the load […]

It’s just that simple! If you help foster a dog you could get 3 months of Busch beer. According to the rules your “submission” is you sending a notice to them via social media. If you’re going to be stuck inside wouldn’t it be better with a dog and a few coldies??? Click on the […]

Kate McKinnon is an absolute comedy genius! She knows how to ad lib with the best of them and convey a sort of quiet lunacy right near the surface of some of her characters. Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is a documentary on big cat or exotic animal owners in the U.S. and […]

This is a great way to show your support for those most affected by the recent Coronavirus outbreak. The La Crosse Area Emergency Response Fund established in partnership between La Crosse Community Foundation and Great Rivers United Way. The first $20,000 was matched by an anonymous donor! We’re so proud of our community and we […]

Put on your acid washed jean jacket and spray your hair with White Rain! Everything old is new again and having a new line dance to do at all the weddings this summer will make you the life of the party.

OK, let’s be clear that the bride WAS in on the joke slightly. However, this is pretty funny and shows a lot of dedication on his part. Just know ladies that little brothers can cause mischief even when they’re not so little anymore!

In the wake of the tornadoes that ripped though Tennessee on March–killing at least 22 people and damaging hundreds of structures–many folks are wondering how to help. Money – To donate money, visit the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, which was created by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to support those affected by the […]

OK, folks we need to do a better job of researching what we see or read on the Internet. Also, let’s try to not jump on our bandwagons whenever someone famous posts something harmless. Say an elite country star wearing a NFL Hall Of Famer’s jersey in the city the player played in posts a […]

A python in Australia (surprisingly not Florida), for some reason swallowed an entire beach blanket. Here is video of veterinarians removing it, and it’s kind of satisfying to watch. Not sure why the snake swallowed it in the first place. Perhaps before he swallowed it there was a … pig in it.