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Michael Reeves is obviously a daredevil! A few days ago he asked the Internet to help decorate his room by having people tweet links to Amazon at him. The ones with the most likes would get automatically shipped to him without him knowing what they even are using computer wizardry! You can see his video […]

From the “there’s something you don’t see everyday” file comes the story of a family coming home from dinner to find something protruding from their bathroom ceiling. Apparently a wheel used for moving aircraft from hanger to hanger fell off it and crashed in their roof! No one was home when it happened and none […]

Lots of embarrassing things can happen at a wedding. From a drunk wedding party member causing a scene to someone having a wardrobe malfunction. Luckily in this day and age everyone can catch it on their phones or the wedding photographer gets it. This bride had no idea her groom was mic’d up and she […]

This is something I’ve been saying for years. When it comes to musicians, celebrities, athletes, and politicians some people take their personal view and stance on them too personally. The general public may see them interact on social media in some way, but then see them together in a public setting or a professional appearance […]

The lines between pop and country have crossed at times for decades. The last five years or so have seen country artists team up with pop artists quite often. Now the current kings of the country love song have teamed up with “The Biebs” on a song about impressing the loves of their lives for […]

A woman, identified as Myah Autry decided to jump into the lion enclosure at The Bronx Zoo. A moat separated her from the animal, but the zoo still wasn’t happy with her actions. Why ANYONE would do this absolutely boggles my mind. One slip and she gets a lot closer to that lion than she […]

Sean and Brittany Tuohy, who live in Arizona, spent a year planning their dream Sept. 28 wedding in the Spokane area. The couple grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but even they weren’t expecting an out-of-season snowstorm. “Nobody really anticipated it to turn into a full-blown blizzard,” Jaime Fletcher, the couple’s wedding photographer, told TODAY. […]

A 9-year-old Minnesota boy recently won a 10K race by accident after he took the wrong race route. Kade Lovell of St. Cloud had originally planned on running a 5K Saturday, but ended up doubling his distance when he missed the spot where he was supposed to turn around. Kade ended up finishing the 6.2 […]

The mystery woman who went viral for her commanding operatic performance in an L.A. subway has been identified. The woman’s voice went viral over the weekend after the Los Angeles Police Department shared a video of her singing a famous opera tune in the L.A. Metro. The woman has now been identified as 52-year-old Emily […]

A radio host in the U.K. has set a new world record thanks to his knowledge of Taylor Swift songs. According to London News Online, Dan Simpson set the new Guinness World Record for correctly identifying 27 Taylor Swift songs in 60 seconds by having just the first line of the tune read to him. […]