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It’s a good question. Apparently there was some seismic activity in the area recently. Most thought it was the normal tectonic plate shifting type, but apparently with further investigation it may have been the rumble of a volcano. You ever seen the movie “2012”? Because this has Woody Harrelson standing on a mountain shouting crazy […]

Most know that Dolly Parton helped with a donation of funds to Vanderbilt University for vaccine research. Yesterday it came full circle as she received her Moderna shot. That vaccine was developed from research that Vanderbilt was part of. She shared video showing her getting it on social media and encouraged others to do the […]

Early this winter, MnDOT asked Minnesotans to submit their cleverest names for a snowplow in their fleet. There was nearly 24,000 entries, and MnDOT narrowed them down to the best 50. The eight winners were determined by online voting. The department said more than 122,000 votes were cast in the contest. With twice as many […]

An Arizona woman who found a Purple Heart while working her shift at a thrift shop was able to reunite the item with the family of the man who earned it in the Korean War. Teresa Ferrin said she was working at the Christian Family thrift store in Phoenix when another employee brought her a […]

Last month TJ Osborne, of Brothers Osborne, came out as gay. He recently caught up with CBS This Morning to share how things have been going since his announcement. TJ said “the love he’s been shown “has been amazing, honestly” and encouraged others “out there dealing with the same thing” to come forward and share […]

Sometimes kids do the best things without us even knowing. When I see a story like this my heart feels full that there are kids out there that know what’s truly right and wrong. Not everyone can have the “best” shoes that money can buy no matter how well they play. Some folks are just […]

Tiger Woods is by far the most fascinating golfer in the world if not the most fascinating athlete. His rise as a young player and then subsequent downfall was the thing of tabloid news stories. This last year there was a biopic done about him on HBO that shed new light on his life and […]

Celebrity weddings are nothing new and neither is this one. We just didn’t know about it until recently. In fact, I didn’t know they were dating. I don’t think most folks did since he was dating NASCAR star Danica Patrick as recently as this last spring. So this happened pretty quickly for sure. Shailene Woodley […]

I guess if today has to be Monday then at least it’s a Monday worth celebrating. I mean, work was crappy, there’s snow everywhere, we still need to social distance, and someone at the office got under your skin (even if you work from home). So why not have a bit of summer when you […]

Space exploration has always fascinated me. Growing up we had already gotten to the moon and Space Shuttle missions were held normally. The next step in my mind was to always go to Mars next. We haven’t sent people there yet, but we have sent rovers and NASA just had their latest Perseverance land there […]

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