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Apparently it’s considered “art” by some, but I will give him credit for making a point about technology. Simon Weckert put 99 smart cell phones in a little red wagon and used them in trick Google Maps into thinking there was a traffic jam on an empty city street. We rely on technology too much […]

You may have seen the recent story of an artist that nailed a banana to a wall and put duct tape over it and called it art. Pretty lazy to me. Apparently he has one major critic that came into the gallery and ate the banana. Hope he had ….. a bunch of insurance!

Ashley for the Arts promised to donate over $590,000 to non-profit organizations following their 11th annual music and art festival held in Arcadia’s Memorial Park August 8-11. The amount exceeds the festival’s 2018 donation. Proceeds will benefit more than 60 participating non-profit organizations, 28 of which are area school districts. The success of the 11th […]