I understand that these are all experts out observing sharks for research. With that being said, lying in a plastic box prone that makes you look like a seal on the surface doesn’t seem like the best idea. You literally look like what they say is why people get attacked by sharks. Not for the […]

I’ve seen video of and heard of different ways people have tried to avoid being arrested. From just making a run for it on foot or in a vehicle to hiding in unconventional places or even in disguise. Then there is the “friend” that tries to yell at the cops or interfere with an arrest […]

You may or may not know that in my spare time I coach sports. I’ve done it for 21 years at the youth level and with 7th and 8th graders. If there is one thing that has hurt sports the most over the years it has been parents. You ask any ref or coach and […]

I’ve had animals run out in front of me multiple times. The majority of times I’ve avoided them by applying the brakes or them being decisive in their travel path and we both come out unscathed. This weekend the wife and I were traveling to Winona and a bird hit the frame of our open […]

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