Every once in a while you see something you can’t believe. In the safest of venues it’s a magic trick or a circus act. Maybe a singer does something crazy at a concert or an athlete pulls off a miracle, or a physics defying catch. We see these and are amazed, and question, “How did […]

As a dad we are required to embarrass our children from time to time. Sometimes it’s even on purpose! This dad decided that making light of his daughter’s first driving lesson was one of these times.

There’s a good number of people that know the frustration of trying to get somewhere quickly and something holds them up. Around the tri-state area we’ve all been stuck behind a tractor or other slow moving vehicle just trying to get where they’re going. Maybe you’ve had to wait for a semi to back into […]

Imagine running into the local grocery store to get a few things. You come back out and jump back in the car. You wonder why your car is making a “buzzing” sound. You soon realize that it’s not the car but 15,000 bees that have invaded your car like some sort of insect Uber. Luckily […]

Tiger Woods is by far the most fascinating golfer in the world if not the most fascinating athlete. His rise as a young player and then subsequent downfall was the thing of tabloid news stories. This last year there was a biopic done about him on HBO that shed new light on his life and […]

David Hasselhoff is one of the most known celebrities world wide. His career took off in the 80’s when he starred in Knight Rider on NBC as a former cop who is recruited to drive a supped up Trans Am that can talk, drive, and think for itself. He later on went to star in […]

We all see those pictures that give up a “what the what” reaction. It’s not uncommon that most of them happen on our many roadways all over this great nation. A man in Wisconsin obviously needed to get his snowmobile somewhere and decided that putting on the roof of his Toyota Corolla was a good […]

There are all sorts of ways to get items from a store nowadays. You can wear a mask and go in, they can be delivered in the mail, and there is curbside pickup. This lady decided she would go with aisle pickup and just drove in to the store. She also decided not to pay […]

Yes! You read that right! Reba got locked in a trunk and got released at Costco. In this case Reba just happens to be a chicken and this story has a happy ending.

How does a five year old even reach the pedals! He really wanted that car I guess. Once, when I was five I really wanted a the Millennium Falcon, but I didn’t steal a car to go get one.

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