You ever have someone that needs to follow you somewhere, but you’re afraid of them losing you? Do you have a smaller vehicle but want to tow a big camper? This may soon be possible. Toyota is testing out wireless towing where whatever you’re towing, whether it’s another car following you or perhaps a self […]

Speeding has always been an issue no matter where you go. Just the other day I had someone pass me going way over the speed limit in a less than safe manner. I expected to come around a corner and find them crashed into another vehicle. We all have those moments where we go a […]

Moms are the best! They make sure we are still getting things done and cheering us on from wherever they are. Some folks rely on their mom more than others while some try to find a comfortable distance to be praised from. Imagine you’re at work just doing what you always do, and your mom […]

Every year at the Super Bowl it seems like we have someone run onto the field in an attempt to gain attention. This year during the AFC playoff game between the Chiefs and Bills and wide receiver Stephon Diggs tackled him. This year there was a runner on the field that most didn’t know about […]

Have you ever seen a scary movie and worried about someone in your backseat? Has a friend ever hidden back there and jump scared you? How would you respond to that? A few weeks ago I went and saw the new “Scream” movie and when I got to my truck I literally looked in my […]

I saw something about this the other day and thought it was an interesting story. A person vandalizes a car that they think belongs to their (most likely) ex-lover in epic style. His name is spray painted on it is a few places and clearly states that the “artist” think that he is a cheater. […]

Sometimes quick thinking can keep a disaster from turning into an insurmountable loss. A Chisago County police officer in Minnesota couldn’t stop a car fire at a rural home. He tries to use a fire extinguisher to stop it with no luck. He asks the owner if he has a tow strap and uses his […]

Every once in a while you see something you can’t believe. In the safest of venues it’s a magic trick or a circus act. Maybe a singer does something crazy at a concert or an athlete pulls off a miracle, or a physics defying catch. We see these and are amazed, and question, “How did […]

As a dad we are required to embarrass our children from time to time. Sometimes it’s even on purpose! This dad decided that making light of his daughter’s first driving lesson was one of these times.

There’s a good number of people that know the frustration of trying to get somewhere quickly and something holds them up. Around the tri-state area we’ve all been stuck behind a tractor or other slow moving vehicle just trying to get where they’re going. Maybe you’ve had to wait for a semi to back into […]

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