There are all sorts of ways to get items from a store nowadays. You can wear a mask and go in, they can be delivered in the mail, and there is curbside pickup. This lady decided she would go with aisle pickup and just drove in to the store. She also decided not to pay […]

Yes! You read that right! Reba got locked in a trunk and got released at Costco. In this case Reba just happens to be a chicken and this story has a happy ending.

How does a five year old even reach the pedals! He really wanted that car I guess. Once, when I was five I really wanted a the Millennium Falcon, but I didn’t steal a car to go get one.

Not everyone appreciates a good work of art. Whether this driver is the ultimate critic or if they had some other issue they definitely made an impact on this statue in Las Vegas. The entire accident was caught on a dash cam of a person waiting at the intersection. The 4,000-pound median art piece is […]

A man from Champlin, MN was driving to Iowa to get folks Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the Twin Cities. It was quite the enterprise! However, these things never last. Or do they?

Colorado wildlife officials are warning people to never pick up wildlife after a woman placed an injured bobcat in her vehicle just feet away from her young child. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that when one of their officers responded to a call about an injured bobcat last Wednesday (9/18), she found the unrestrained wild […]

A litterbug in Indiana was recently given a ticket after the dirty diaper they tossed out of a vehicle’s window landed on a state trooper’s car. According to the Indy Star, Indiana State Police trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles was traveling on I-65 in Johnson County when he noticed a passenger throw the dirty diaper out […]

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan got some unwanted renovations. A car ran off the road and crashed into the wall and punched a hole through it. The driver didn’t stick around, but they were photographed pretty well on the security cameras. The owner fixed the hole, but then an artist friend recreated the accident […]

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