There are lots of good causes, but sometimes you need to Go Fund… Yourself. Win a $1000 from Fred’s Brake & Alignment. What you DO with it is

Who didn’t really want to be Charlie Buckets at the end of the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? Whether you’re a kid or a fully grown adult the fact that you would own the most fun and weird place imaginable was hard to resist. Now you have the opportunity to own a place that’s […]

The world will still get to enjoy the tradition of watching the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest this Fourth of July holiday. The hot dog eating contest usually takes place on Coney Island’s Surf and Stillwell avenues, but this year’s event will be held at a private location in the neighborhood. According to […]

It’s just that simple! If you help foster a dog you could get 3 months of Busch beer. According to the rules your “submission” is you sending a notice to them via social media. If you’re going to be stuck inside wouldn’t it be better with a dog and a few coldies??? Click on the […]

Kara Wright and Oakley won the KQ98 Dog Days Of Summer photo contest! Living their best summer with a 4 pack of passes to Noah’s Ark and a gift certificate from Fun Fur Pets! Check out all the fur babies!

When are folks going to realize that wild animals, no matter what ecosystem they originate from are wild and will hurt you if they feel it’s necessary. A woman in Tacoma, Washington, recently learned why it’s probably not a good idea to put a live octopus on your face. When Jamie Bisceglia met some fishermen […]

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