Kids can be the most creative people in the world. If you give them a chance they can come up with magic! This young lady from England and her dad recorded a song about dinosaurs and it’s even available on Spotify! Jimmy Fallon sang a cover of it on the The Tonight Show as well. […]

Now us Dads don’t get the credit we deserve sometimes. We also feed the kids, change the dirty diapers, rock them to sleep, and comfort them when they’re sick. It’s time to stop thinking we Dads are just along for the ride and don’t take baby care seriously! With that said, here’s a video of […]

Tis the season for kids to start getting that Christmas wish list written up and handed to Mom and Dad. Black Friday and cyber Monday are just a week or two away. One dad shared his daughter’s over the top list. But hey, go big or go home I guess!

I think it’s safe to say that this dad is the cheer team’s biggest fan!

This baby is already sure to have a lot of fun with mom and dad! They introduce everyone and then sing Salt n Peppa’s Push It. The baby was born 10 minutes later. Check out their musical serenade!

Impressive. Most Impressive. This dad used The Force and built his kids the ultimate Halloween ride. Han Solo and Chewbacca never looked better. I heard they went through the neighborhood in under 12 parsecs.

Pedro Lugo goes full “dad mode” as he questions his daughter and her date before they leave. This is awesome and I applaud his actions and laugh along with him! Feel free to do the same!

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