The applications of AI seem immeasurable. Some are good and some are not, but this is one that seems like a good thing. Michael Bommer will be the first person turned into a “digital memory” similar to a journal by AI referred to as a “Digital Memoir”. The company that provides it asks a series […]

I’m not sure what it is with basketball at the middle school level this week and crazy stories, but here comes another one. Apparently, some fans didn’t like some calls at a game in Vermont. Or they didn’t like the way a couple of fans were acting. Either way it broke out into a fight […]

As a kid in elementary school I remember watching the news and talking in class about the volcano on the west coast known as Mount St. Helens. I was in 1st grade, but it wasn’t a hard concept to grasp as cartoons of the time made it seem that volcanoes were a major plot point […]

There’s nothing better than when kids have birthdays coming up! They are excited for all the fun they are going to have with friends, presents, and delicious cake! For some kids the cake is the best thing about the day. My wife is an excellent baker and gets asked to make cakes for all sorts […]

Some stories you just don’t need to say much more than what they are. Just wonder why it’s so dusty in the studio.

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